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Graphic and Web Design Studio Based in Morocco That Help Brands & Small Businesses Gain an Advantage.

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Who We are :

We are the NovaTail, we live in a small city in Morocco and we do graphic, web design and frontend development for small businesses, we do full branding, visuals, collateral designs such as Flyers and banners, we do create websites and apps that will fill your needs.

Our Services

Visual Identities

We do create your visual identity, we care to know who you are, what you do and what are your goals in the future, we help you solve your visual problems and we do create your Logo, guideline and collaterals

Web & App Design

We do web and app design, we create a full solution that will fit your branding and solve your problem, while on your website or app, we want your users to have the best experience that they can get and that fits your positionning.

Motion Design

We do Motion design, we make videos that will communicate your values, your products and that will stick in your users mind, we help you choose the best script and we do the voiceover as well.


We do illustrations, we do vibrant visuals that translates your ideas, as drawings, digital paintings and so on, each illustration is unique.

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