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Who I am

I am Tarik, a passionate graphic and web designer, I do illustrations and vibrant visuals that express your ideas. Each project is unique that helps to solve a problem in a creative way, either it is a visual identity, a static or dynamic website , an illustration, a chart or a book cover, I take the time to study and learn more to make sure that the solution we’re going for fit what you need.

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What I do ?


Creating the visual identity that your business needs.

"Very professional individual! Knowledge is vast and explains things as you develop the project in order for you to get a great result. Thanks again Jamil! "

Danielle G.

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I do create your visual identity from scratch, it is crucial that every business should be perceived as it should be, my job is to find the winning combination to make you stand out from the crowd, I do care to know who you are, what is your mission, your market positioning, niche, what you do and what are your goals that you want to achieve, I want you by the end to have the visual identity, the logo, the font that you are proud of.

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Since the very beginning, web design and development has been at the core of what i offer, working on designing and developing websites and solutions that makes you stand out from the other sites, not based on any theme or template, but build from scratch to make sure that it represents you according to your visual identity. Through strategic thinking and creative use of technology, My websites are built to inspire responses from their intended audiences. I want your users to have the best experience that they can get once they land on your site, all is wrapped by a good interface design that make it eye catching and enjoyable to interact with.

Web design

From Static to e-commerce sites

arik did an incredible job. He built the website to spec, and threw in a few extra pages of design, integrations, and effort with no complaints. He was quick to respond and to-the-letter about his work the entire time. Nothing but positive to say about working with him


The visuals that represent what you are.

Third project with Jamil -excellent work, fast websites and great designs :-) I'd highly recommend him to anyone as he's a pleasure to work with.

Illustrations - lettering novatail

I do illustrations, I do vibrant visuals that translates your ideas, as drawings, digital paintings and so on.
Each illustration is unique that is made to give a certain vibe to your business/personal goal, either it is an ad, a poster, a digital drawing.
I take the time to study and learn more about you and the context, to make sure that the style we’re going forwill fit what you're looking for.


2x Honorable Mentions - Awwwards
2x Mobile Excellence Badge - Awwwards
1x Best UX Design - CSS Design Award
1x Best UI Design - CSS Design Award
1x Best Innovation - CSS Design Award
1x Featured Site - Csslight

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What do my clients think
about me ?

Jamil was outstanding to work with. Not only was communication clear, but he responded to all messages almost instantaneously. I would definitely recommend Jamil moving forward. Thanks Jamil!

Jamil Tarik has not only been so friendly and nice, he delivered the goods extremely professionally, and quickly. Even with our overambitious timelines, constant updates / finicky UI / design needs / whimsical wants, he always remained cool, calm, collected. He never hassled on the budget, and stuck to what we originally agreed on. Despite this being the first time working with Jamil Tarik, and not knowing anything on websites, he handled our requests amazingly. Highly recommended.

I jumped into a project redeveloping my company's website with Jamil and we hit the ground running. From the beginning, he was open to feedback and able to make changes on the fly, hammered out huge chunks of the project swiftly and effectively, got creative in a few places that made the site better and offered his professional opinion in order to optimize the site. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. I'll come back to Jamil again and again with new projects in the future.

Jamil was fantastic to work with. He made the process of creating a new website very easy. He met all of my objectives and I now have a modern website that is easy to edit going forward. I already have a second project in mind to work together on. Thanks, Jamil

Rachel A.


Extremely professional, and easy to work with. Jamil has an excellent eye for design and is extremely efficient. He finished the website, exactly how I wanted it, in a week. Answer his questions directly, and give him the time to work it out, and this guy can give you the real deal.

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